5 Interesting Facts About Me

What are yours? Please participate. Thank you. 🙂

Miss Manners, Judith Martin

1- I think I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t like honey. I want to gag as soon as I taste it. YUCK!

2- If I weren’t Muslim I would’ve pursued a singing career. I’ve always wanted to be the lead singer of a reggae band.

3- I’m actually quite shy. As long as you keep me talking about a subject I’m fine.

4- Every since my brother’s funeral, the smell of lilies makes me nauseous.

5- I’ve always wanted to attend a finishing school but I think I did that unofficially. I swear, my grandmother could’ve been Miss Manners.


10 responses to “5 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. I feel like I was raised by wolves sometimes with my manners, especially living abroad with more refined people who may eat their local food with their hand but if they are having Western food it is knife and fork even for pizza! I see ads for finishing schools but they are always for little kids. I sure do wish I could go though, I think having old fashioned table manners and good hostessing habits and all that would be really fab.

    That’s funny about the honey.

  2. Number two really sounds like a bummer. My hubs is a die hard reggae fan and often writes/sings with a conscious slant. Have you considered doing something like this? ‘cos No.2 almost sounds like a regret, but maybe I’m wrong 😕

  3. I went to finishing school in high school a lot of good it did me. I even took elocution. No one does manners now a days. And the done care. Finishing school will just have you notice when folks violate the rules. It’s not like it’s polite to tell them or point it out. Catch 22.


  4. agree with you on the honey…i hate the smell of honey…..

  5. ok….. Sis Jamerican I’ll participate…..

    1. I dance ( secretly) weekly in the mirror with my hijab as a sarong around my waist to the tune of baby got back by Sir mix a lot… ( he he he…..lol)

    2. I dislike when my coffee sits for a while and gets that icky top layer covering on it…….ewww……what is that?

    3. My hair is naturally straight( ia m black/spanish mix) and I permed it and still do becuase I thought black people wouldnt accept me. ( according to my mother)

    4. I am not as really as mean and angry as I let most people think I am. Most people who know me and who have talked to me thinks that ” the angry muslimah ” is no where close to how I am most of the time.

    5. which goes back to muber 1………I have the hardest time with music…..as a born and raised muslim my parents have always been wary of me because of this..and they still worry…..I cant help it………and i make excuses for it…….I am classically trained with the violin and the piano….
    .music is my weakness

  6. Oh it would be hard to give up on honey! But kudos, because sometimes I feel like Winnie The Pooh with it! Inshallah you attend finishing school, that woud be good for all of us…

  7. Salaam Alaikum,

    My parents tried so hard with the table manners and I mean they really tried, but to no avail. I am a total mess in Syria, where they scoop up the food with flat bread. I have to be given a tea towel to put on my lap. Oh, the shame!

  8. You and I have yet another thing in common: Hatred for Honey [tm]. I call it “bee spit.” LOL!

  9. I think you’re blog is totally awesome. I cam accross it in Google after I were searching for some pictures!

    I’ll be following it!

    AnonBrother 🙂

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