Subhanallah, today a tornado ripped through my neighborhood. (I was at work while it was happening). I am grateful that no one was hurt and that we still have power. Would you know my mom was home and slept through the entire thing? LOL! She didn’t even know one touched down until she left the house and saw all the downed trees, traffic accidents and road blocks. Right now I’m listening to news helicopters, the whistle of traffic cops and chain saws buzzing. But again, I can’t complain. The tornado missed us by one block. Subhanallah!

Some pics here.

3 responses to “Tornado

  1. wow, subhanAllah. hamdulillah that everyone’s okay!

  2. SubhanAllah. Where I grew up in central Wisconsin, tornadoes were the norm during the summer … and since we lived 1 block from the fire station whenever the siren would go off in the middle of the night I’d freak out and we’d all have to go into the basement. Even now, where we live – tornadoes are super rare – but whenever I heard a really load noise or if the temperature drops suddenly, if winds pick up, etc., that’s enough to make me automatically think “tornado” ahhhhhh…
    Anyway, alhamdullilah your mom is okay, and that’s great she slept through it! hahaha 🙂

  3. Wow SubhanAllah! Those pics remind me of the aftermath of a hurricane. Alhamdullilah you and your Mom are Ok!

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