Okay ladies, I have changed my mind (again)

So, that thing about not wanting to have kids…well, it’s gone. I want to have a baby. More specifically a little girl (if Allah so wills). I want a sweet, cute, little [chocolate] dark brown girl. A child prodigy. What has changed? I don’t know. Allah has put it in my heart. Also, the love a good man can change many things. Yes, indeed… 🙂


10 responses to “Okay ladies, I have changed my mind (again)

  1. sistafromanotherplanet


  2. Assalam alaikum… I never comment but I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and I am happy to see you posting again…

    A good man can change alot of things!! wink wink..

  3. 🙂
    I am so happy for you.
    May Allah keep blessing your life.

  4. ASA,
    I’m SOOOOOOO happy to read this. Im Just loving it. I am sure you both will be great parents!!! Inshaallah you will get the desires of your heart and have a healthy, beautiful, little girl. You just made my night. I dont know why, its not like I know you personality but I guess reading your words here and on facebook makes me feel like I know a side of you. Just know I love it!!!! I can go to bed happy now…….LOL

    Ma salaam, Jayla

  5. Like many other readers,I almost never comment on blogs.I guess i’m more of a reader than a commentator (?) lol.
    But this post definitely requires a comment.YAYYYYY!
    I don’t know you,but i’m very happy for you =)
    May Allah bless you with a beautiful baby girl (or boy) inshAllah.

    -Your sister in Islam,

  6. Salaam Aalikum,

    Mabrouk on your marriage! May Allah shower you both with blessings (and babies, insha Allah.)

  7. Well, maybe your little chocolate girl can marry the lil’ chocolate boy that I want, Insha’Allah. LOL!

  8. ayayayayaya, InshaAllah! 🙂

  9. Awww :), and if you want one, I hope you get one! Ameen.

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