Thank you everyone for your comments

We had a family meeting and I was severely disappointed because I felt like only two of us were being serious. My mom is in denial about her condition so she’s not thinking about what plans she needs to make. Now she is saying it is only a prognosis and maybe it will turn out to be nothing too serious. *sigh* ALL of the research I did points to her condition getting progressively worse. The neurologist told her it is degenerative- which means it gets worse with time. I urged my mother not to wait 6 to 8 months (when they told her to return to the Mayo Clinic so they can examine her muscle function and degenerative nerve progression) because she does not know what shape her body will be in. I advised her to travel or do other things she has always wanted to do before she finds herself physically unable to. She is thinking about going back to London to visit family. I hope she does it.

Want to hear the strange part? Allah has given me the strength to deal with this. I trust in Allah and I really and truly believe he will not give me more than I can bear. This is a mercy from none other than Allah.

One response to “Thank you everyone for your comments

  1. Inshallah khair.

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