Growth (Allah is mericful)

This past year has been a horrible. I have experienced slander & backbiting, I lost a group of sisters I thought were my friends, I no longer have a masjid that I feel comfortable attending (on a regular basis anyway), and my ex-husband was killed in a sudden car accident, leaving me with to grieve and to deal with all of the legal issues surrounding his sudden death. This is enough to cause a nervous break down for many people. But you know what? I’m still here and Allah has guided and strengthened me every step of the way. ALLAHU AKBAR!

Though I have experienced a great deal of loss, Allah has given so much back to me. I’ve gained a new perspective on life. I’ve grown as a person and as a Muslim. Over the past year I’ve learned so much about myself and other people. It’s incredible! Additionally, I landed a promotional position at my job when it seemed all odds were stacked against me (I’m the only Muslimah in my entire division), got a brand spanking new car on Saturday (2010 Rav 4- woo hoo!), a wonderful husband whom I love to death and overall, contentment. Allah has been so merciful to me. I just pray that he count me amongst the grateful. Ameen!

5 responses to “Growth (Allah is mericful)

  1. Asalamu A’laikum Sis, I am very happy for you. May Allah increase you in all that is good. Ameen. And its sure, patience only leads to great things.

    Everything else will come together Insha’Allah

    Ps; I know nothing about cars…but good for you.

  2. Salaams,
    With every difficulty comes ease, alhumdulillah. I’m glad that things are looking up for you.

  3. As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu:

    Allaah t’ala rewards patience. You have been through so many tests, and Insha Allaah you will continue to have peace and happiness 🙂

  4. Allah is good all the time.

    Allah Akbar.

  5. As Salaam Alaiki Sis,

    Al hamdulillah I’m very happy to hear that after the storm came sunshine for you.

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