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The funny thing about having a blog…

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a long time since you have heard from me and I’m sure many of you have given up on me. I’ve received some emails asking when I’ll be updating my blog again, some cursing me for my views and some in praise of them, others gently admonishing me and everything in between. The funny thing about having a blog (especially for years now) is that you can read what you once believed or felt strongly about. You can see where you’ve changed and where you’ve remained the same. I suppose that’s part of the human experience if you’re growing and developing.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I’m 9 months pregnant, due any day now and still working. Needless to say, I’m tired and ready to meet this little baby, insha’allah. Maybe when I’m home on maternity leave I will feel inclined to write me. Allah knows best…


ALS and mom update

Hello everyone,

I was reading over some of my old posts and realized that I kind of left interested parties hanging when it came to my mom and her health conditions. When I last blogged my mom was in denial about having ALS- that has changed. She has fully accepted her condition now and says that she has no choice but to because of the rapid changes taking place in her body. She cannot run or even walk very fast, she’s winded when she tries to walk a block and the pain is getting worse in her throat. She recently went to an ALS clinic and they advised her to get a walker. Of course she doesn’t want to do that but she may have no choice. She is also planning to resign from both of her jobs. She just doesn’t think her body can take the physical strain of it anymore. I fully support her in this and my husband and I have offered for her to move in with us if that is what she needs. (Though she is very proud and seems to prefer going to an assisted living facility).

This past weekend we had a family meeting where she talked about granting me power of attorney to make decisions for her since she is pretty confident that her voice is going to leave her soon. This whole thing is sad and heartbreaking but insha’allah I still feel like I can handle it. After all, what choice do I really have? My mother and I haven’t had the best relationship and time hasn’t improved it much. However, I do hope that we can spend her last months or years mending this broken relationship as much as possible. Allah knows best…

Ramadan Mubarak!

Once again Ramadan is upon us again. Though I won’t start fasting until tomorrow, insha’allah, I am both excited and a little anxious (as I always am when Ramadan rolls around.) Since I’m the type of person who loves organization, planning, and peace of mind I thought I’d share a few items from my Ramadan preparation/checklist.

(1) Clean house. (Not that my home is filthy). I like to tidy up for two reasons: I get so busy during Ramadan that I hardly have time to keep things in their proper place. Since I usually do dhikr, read Quran and pray Taraweeh at home during the weekdays, I like my space to be clean and smelling good. Clear head, clean home…nuff ibadah!

(2) Grocery shopping. I NEED to eat a healthy breakfast or I can’t make it past 10:00 without a migraine. This year, since mahgrib is comes in late, I think we’ll be having iftar at home. (Maybe some guests). I like to have tasty meals that are nutritious. I also like to reward myself for a day’s fast. If there is any time to eat right Ramadan is it. Otherwise, I pay for it with my body.

(3) Review my goals and create a list or some other way to monitor my progress. If I don’t then time tends to slip away from me. I look up and Ramadan is almost over.

(4) Scope out the best Taraweeh, fund-raising and iftar spots. Yes, I can admit I do that. Again, the time flies by so quickly I want to maximize it. By strategically mapping out my Ramadan activities I feel like I’m able to do so.

Do you have a Ramadan checklist?

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Okay maybe I’m not finished blogging…

I have been reading you guys’ comments and you have me thinking about resuscitating my blog. Here’s the thing: when I first started blogging (not on this blog but on diaryland) I wrote a lot about my personal life. Then somehow I found myself increasingly writing about issues with personal stuff thrown in here and there. Of course, I still have issues that I’d like to write about but I also have a lot of personal things going on my life. More than anything, I want to write about those issues. For some reason as I was strolling through the skyways, I started thinking, why not? Much of what I am dealing with are the very kind of issues that someone needs to give a voice to. Writing as always been therapeutic for me. I think I’ll give it a try, insha’allah.

What do you guys think? Is anybody still reading? (I need to hear from lurkers too).