Ramadan Mubarak!

Once again Ramadan is upon us again. Though I won’t start fasting until tomorrow, insha’allah, I am both excited and a little anxious (as I always am when Ramadan rolls around.) Since I’m the type of person who loves organization, planning, and peace of mind I thought I’d share a few items from my Ramadan preparation/checklist.

(1) Clean house. (Not that my home is filthy). I like to tidy up for two reasons: I get so busy during Ramadan that I hardly have time to keep things in their proper place. Since I usually do dhikr, read Quran and pray Taraweeh at home during the weekdays, I like my space to be clean and smelling good. Clear head, clean home…nuff ibadah!

(2) Grocery shopping. I NEED to eat a healthy breakfast or I can’t make it past 10:00 without a migraine. This year, since mahgrib is comes in late, I think we’ll be having iftar at home. (Maybe some guests). I like to have tasty meals that are nutritious. I also like to reward myself for a day’s fast. If there is any time to eat right Ramadan is it. Otherwise, I pay for it with my body.

(3) Review my goals and create a list or some other way to monitor my progress. If I don’t then time tends to slip away from me. I look up and Ramadan is almost over.

(4) Scope out the best Taraweeh, fund-raising and iftar spots. Yes, I can admit I do that. Again, the time flies by so quickly I want to maximize it. By strategically mapping out my Ramadan activities I feel like I’m able to do so.

Do you have a Ramadan checklist?

Password Protecting “Imagine”

As salaam alaikum everyone,

I decided to password protect my blog entries entitled “Imagine.” I did this because I realized the post was not achieving its intended purpose. I hoped to have some discussion about community life and how it can go awry. I was also hoping to use a situation that happened to me as a learning tool; as a lesson. I was hoping sisters (and brothers) could see how individual and community bias against a practice that is halal (no matter how people feel about it) could cause a community to descend into chaos and also for individuals to behave in unseemly ways. Again, I thought there were lessons to be learned.

Instead, it seems that people were more interested in handing out indictments, judgments and projecting their personal experiences onto the situation. I started to feel like some people felt they knew my situation and life experience better than I did. There was a lot of minimization of my experience and personal pain. Few people asked questions and assumptions reigned supreme. I was also disheartened to realize that how people felt about polygyny was more important than standing for justice or even trying to understand what happened in this particular situation. AND I feel that we got way off topic…

A blog reader- Margari- asked me if this was the best venue to tell my story. I realize now that it is not. As a community of Muslims, I feel we have a lot of growing to do. May Allah protect and guide us all. Ameen.

Growth (Allah is mericful)

This past year has been a horrible. I have experienced slander & backbiting, I lost a group of sisters I thought were my friends, I no longer have a masjid that I feel comfortable attending (on a regular basis anyway), and my ex-husband was killed in a sudden car accident, leaving me with to grieve and to deal with all of the legal issues surrounding his sudden death. This is enough to cause a nervous break down for many people. But you know what? I’m still here and Allah has guided and strengthened me every step of the way. ALLAHU AKBAR!

Though I have experienced a great deal of loss, Allah has given so much back to me. I’ve gained a new perspective on life. I’ve grown as a person and as a Muslim. Over the past year I’ve learned so much about myself and other people. It’s incredible! Additionally, I landed a promotional position at my job when it seemed all odds were stacked against me (I’m the only Muslimah in my entire division), got a brand spanking new car on Saturday (2010 Rav 4- woo hoo!), a wonderful husband whom I love to death and overall, contentment. Allah has been so merciful to me. I just pray that he count me amongst the grateful. Ameen!

Protected: Imagine… part 1

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Protected: Imagine… part 2

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Protected: Imagine… (part 3)

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Okay maybe I’m not finished blogging…

I have been reading you guys’ comments and you have me thinking about resuscitating my blog. Here’s the thing: when I first started blogging (not on this blog but on diaryland) I wrote a lot about my personal life. Then somehow I found myself increasingly writing about issues with personal stuff thrown in here and there. Of course, I still have issues that I’d like to write about but I also have a lot of personal things going on my life. More than anything, I want to write about those issues. For some reason as I was strolling through the skyways, I started thinking, why not? Much of what I am dealing with are the very kind of issues that someone needs to give a voice to. Writing as always been therapeutic for me. I think I’ll give it a try, insha’allah.

What do you guys think? Is anybody still reading? (I need to hear from lurkers too).