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Do you think I’ll move up higher on the FBI list if…

I went to a gun range? LOL. Seriously though. I’ve always wanted to learn how to shoot. The other night my cousin and my sister were talking about going and I was all excited about joining them until I realized something. I’m a Muslim woman in hijab. I could end up on the news for something like that. Someone could say I was plotting to do something. Seriously.

My sister is in the military and apparently, she’s a sharp shooter. (I didn’t know that). I want to see it. Me and my curiosity. Should I go? I’m thinking I shouldn’t…What do you guys think?

List of small pleasures and things I like

Hopefully this list will be as long as my annoyances. 😉

-Burning incense while offering salaat.
-Stepping into a clean, organized house. Ahhhh! Offering salaat in the same clean, organized house.
-Beautiful hijabs.
-Books. Lots of Books. Islamic books. Inspiring books. Scary Books. Books by women of color…
-Candy canes. My sister was making fun of the fact that “a Muslim girl” has candy canes. So what!
-Bracelets and bangles. I feel naked without them or at least one of them.
-Warm weather, driving with the windows down, smoothie in cup holder, Soca in player, and no particular destination in mind.
Curry Conch. I prefer it with Jamaican dumplings.
-Brightening someone’s day.
-Lip gloss. One day I’ll finally splurge and buy MAC lip gloss. I heard it’s the best.
-Watching Judge Judy. (Love her. I wish I could say the things she says at my job).
-My friend’s New Jersey accent.
This dude and this one.
-Finding the right outfit for the right day.
-Last night, at a family function, deciphering the words of a family friend who talks like Boomhauer from King of the Hill. LOL.
-Listening to two or more Jamaicans debate about current events, “what happened the other night” or what someone really said. It’s hilarious.
-Chutney Soca. That’s Caribbean Indian Soca music.

I’ll stop here. What small pleasures do you enjoy? What little things do you like?

My list of annoyances and pet peeves

Beware, I have a lot of them:


(One my least favorite ways of spending time…waiting for the bus)

    -When a CD skips on my favorite song.
    -Cocky, arrogant men who look good and they know it. You know, the type of dudes with sunglasses on at night, gel packed in their hair, prettier than you. I secretly wish they’d get jumped…I know that sounds horrible but it’s true.
    -Road trips.
    -When I’m in an artistic, creative mood and the phone won’t stop ringing.
    -Shopping for bras.
    -Going to the dentist. I hate the entire process. I’m already 6 months overdue for a check up. I procrastinated until the very end, until I had no choice but to have my wisdom teeth removed. I was living on Anbesol, eating soup and the whole nine just to avoid going to the dentist.
    -A snag in my favorite hijab.
    -Cold weather and snow. Driving in the snow. Lucky me, I live in Minnesota.
    -People talking on their cell phone during Jumah. People’s cell phone ringing during Jumah. People talking during Jumah. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!
    -Going to the hair salon.
    -Windows Vista.
    -New shirt, nothing to wear it with.
    -Dry skin, lips, face…okay, dryness on my body in general.
    -Habitually late people. My sister isn’t on CP time, she isn’t only on African time, she’s on pre-colonial African time and it annoys me to no end.
    -The Tyra Show.
    -People that talk during movies. Missing the previews because I deal with people who are on CP time. Or my friend who insisted upon smuggling chicken into the movie theater but didn’t have a big enough purse so she looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and asked me to put it in my purse….pretty please. (You know who you are!)
    -Black American Muslims who suddenly adopt an accent once they become Muslim. Also, BAMs who feel the need to pepper their sentences with random Arabic words in order to gain some type of prestige or acceptance. “Na’am uhkti, I did ask him…yeah…I mean, na’aam, shukran uhkti…that brother is majnoon…hahaha uhkti” *rolling eyes*
    -Tripping on my skirt, abaya or dress when going up the stairs.
    -Undisciplined kids. If your kids are bad don’t ask me to babysit them. Especially if you don’t believe in spanking. I have about this much patience for bad kids. Umph!
    -Old dudes who dress like they’re young. Old dudes at the masjid trying to holler at young sisters. Nobody’s checking for you papi! Gweh!
    -Standing next to someone with B.O. during salaah.
    -Finding a clothing item online, falling in love with it, ordering it and when it comes realizing it doesn’t look as good as it does in the picture.
    -Long blogs where I do nothing but complain about what I hate. 😉

Okay, I’ll stop here.  What annoys you?

Surviving Christmas

It’s almost over. A few more days and we’re in the clear. No more Christmas music, decorations, holidays parties, people saying “Merry Christmas” or Happy Holidays” etc.  This is what I keep telling myself.  You may say that I’m a Scrooge or that I hate Christmas but I really don’t. I’m just tired of people assuming that EVERYONE celebrates Christmas and looking at me like I have two heads when I say I don’t. HELLO! Did you see the scarf on my head? You know I’m Muslim. I love to see the realization creep across people’s face when the finally put two and two together. “OMG, that’s right! You probably wouldn’t celebrate Christmas then, huh?” Ya think? I really can’t fault people. They live in their own world and don’t often consider others.

Really, I’m not offended by Christmas. My family celebrates it. (My mom has put my sister and I in charge of making dinner).  Nonetheless, some people actually take offense to the fact that I don’t celebrate it. What’s so wrong with receiving gifts? Who wouldn’t want that? They wonder if I’m crazy. (I know Muslims who say the same thing). Apart from the fact that I abhor the commercialization of Christmas, it has no significance in Islam. The two Eids are my holidays. I don’t even celebrate the Prophet Muhammad’s (s.a.w.) birthday. I surely am not going to celebrate Jesus’ birthday (s.a.w.) But then again, was Jesus really born on December 25th? Another can of worms…another point of contention…I’ll stop.

Since I’m new at my job I have avoided the tension that surrounds an invitation to the annual holiday party and my eventual turn down. In some workplaces it’s frowned upon when you don’t attend an out-of-the-office gathering. I don’t care. No one’s going to force celebrations down my throat. (Especially when it involves everyone getting drunk and the probability of someone saying something offensive becoming higher.) But I digress. It’s almost over. A couple more days.

Lucky for me, my birthday is December 26th. I do accept gifts for that though. Unfortunately, everyone’s broke. Oh well… 🙂

If I keep up my Scrooge-like behavior this will be me, lol:

Inside my head: Random Thoughts and Indignation


I’m tired of Black people who behave as if being “hood” is the essence of Black American (or Black Caribbean) culture. When did this nonsense start? To me, it’s no longer about being proud of the hood you came from or refusing to be ashamed of it. Now it’s like, “Let’s revel in and celebrate ignorance.” I can’t believe it but an aunt of mine is going around from family member to family member trying to collect money so when my uncle gets out of jail he will have some money in his pocket. WTH? What about those of us in the family who went to college? I don’t recall anyone taking up a collection for me when I was a starving student. I guess Chris Rock was right when he talked about people getting out of jail receiving a better welcome than those who just completed college. *sigh*

This story has me pissed off to the highest level of pisstivity. It is clear to me that judge isn’t really concerned about upholding the law as much as he cares about using it to act on his/her own prejudices. I was sicked by most of the comments following this story. If some Muslims really believe that there are only “a few” cases of discrimination against Muslims (esp. hijab-wearing women) I ask you to read the comments. Yeah, most of the people can be written off as racists but I wonder how many of them would really say the disgusting things they’re saying in person. To me it goes to show how honest people will be when they can sit anonymously behind a computer. UGH!

-I am learning to no longer be shocked by some of things Muslims are doing. We live in today’s world where there’s a lot of crazy things going on. Yes, there are Muslims partaking in the madness. We’re gonna be influenced by our environment. We’re gonna lose people along the way. Ideally, yes, every Muslim would practice Islam fully and wholly. In the real world? Not so much. Lately, I’m hearing a lot of horrible stuff. Some of it would make your head spin. C’est lavie! Sad but true.

I can admit it, I’m addicted to Jamaican plays. Maybe it’s the drama. Maybe its the raw sense of comedy. I don’t know what it is but I confess, I love them! Si how mi love mix up? Cha!

-Who would even think there’d be a day when me, the tropical baby, would celebrate the temperature being 10 degrees? But after days of negative temperatures I was so happy to see today’s temperature. Depressing isn’t it? I miss Florida!

-Did anyone else see “Cadillac Records?” I saw it this past weekend. It was decent movie. Definitely worth it.

I wish he hadn’t missed…

I’ve been tagged

It took me a while to realize it but muslimahlocs tagged me on her blog. Now I have some homework to do too…

The rules:”Simply state any number of goals you want to achieve in the next 8-10 years. Let them be small goals, big goals, silly goals. It is always nice to think about a bucket list, write it down, and share it. But most importantly, tag others to do the same when you are done.

-Perform Hajj
-Write a memoir
-Visit Trinidad and Tobago
-Become a Probation Officer
-Make a Pecan Pie 🙂
-Find and utlilize a life coach
-Perform at a spoken word venue
-Have a relationship with my father without sacrificing my sanity or emotional well-being
-Invest my money (in a halal way)
-Do something crazy (but halal)
-Spend a day at a spa
-Finish reading The Sealed Nectar
-Join SNAP Fitness (soon!)
-Volunteer for a domestic violence organization
-Find an herbal or natural alternative to my allergy medication. (I don’t want to use Nasocort for the rest of my life!)
-Take up painting as a hobby
-Take a Capeoria class (No, I never went to the one I was thinking about!) Another marital arts class would suffice.
-Buy a camera and post video blogs in 2009, insha’allah