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Remembering Allah Throughout the Day


I recently had a conversation with my homeboy about small ways we can engage in dhkir- the remembrance of Allah- throughout the course of a busy day. He suggested reciting the 99 names of Allah at some point during the day. I think that is a wonderful idea! I’ve only been doing it for two days now but I started going through the 99 names using this website. I was surprised how little time it took- maybe 10 minutes. I’m also thinking about other ways I can remember Allah beyond just “thinking about him” and beyond the two breaks I take to pray Zhur and Asr.

What suggestions do you have? What are some of the ways you take time to remember Allah throughout the day?

By Popular Request: More Jamaican Language

Part one of an interview with Dr. Donna Hope by thejamaicanlangoco. (Catch part 2 here). What is thejamaicanlangco? According to their youtube page: “[thejamaicanlangco] is a Jamaican Language Company channel which seeks to offer a range of programming from news commentary to interviews and much more. All of which is done in Jamaican Creole. The channel offers programs such as Akshan Taak and Aks Mi Kwestyan.”


-The Chinese calendar says it’s The Year of the Ox. I beg to differ. Michelle Obama has shown us all that it’s

The Year of the Black Woman. (Dun know)!

-I want to thank Xey,  a blogger who suggested I try to a Neti pot as an alternative to taking my allergy medication. It was all working out so well. For a full week I was off the Nasocort! I was twirling around, rejoicing, looking at the dust bunnies like “WHAT?! What you gotta say now!” Too bad it didn’t last. I was back at the allergist today begging for more medication like a junkie looking for a fix. *sigh*

-I’m convinced that Mormons are afraid to proselytize to a hijabi. (Well, at least the ones in my neighborhood). I always see them and they will stop and talk to anyone on the street  but they never say anything to me. (Which is good I suppose). My theory was proven true by the following incident:  I was outside shoveling snow and breaking up ice. I had my hood pulled over my head since it was some ridiculous temperature like -11 or something. These Mormon dudes came by on their bikes and offered to help me. I declined. They started into their spiel about the Church of the Latter Day Saints. I pulled down my hood and told them I’m doing okay on the religion bit. (I was wearing a black hijab too)! They looked at one another and told me if I’m interested I can log onto their website before hopping onto their bikes and riding away. “Hey, come back! I wanted to tell you about the ummah of Muhammad (s.a.w.)!”

-I’d like to go to the Opera. Seriously! I’m a closet Opera fan. It all started with Kathleen Battle back in the 90’s. Now I find myself branching out, enjoying other artists. Go ahead and say it, I’m moving further into bourgie land…I know it.

-I need to get my new TV before the HD conversion starts, insha’allah. My current TV (with the rabbit ears- no cable over here!) has been on the blink for some time now. I’m embarrassed to tell you how old it is. Let’s just say I’ve had it since undergrad and it was rather old then. Anyhow, I’m excited! Watching TV in HD is like, “Wooooooooooooow!!!!” (Flava Flav style)

-I could use the day spa experience I’ve been dreaming about for a year now.

-There are days when I miss being in college. Believe it or not grad school was WAY more fun than undergrad for me. I felt like I got a college life “do over.” Good times, good times.

-I need an imam boost. Seriously. I feel like I’m drowning over here. I just feel a little uninspired. Feel like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back.  What do I need? A class? A book? To fast? Offer du’a? All of them? I don’t know…may Allah guide me.

But enough about me. What’s going on with some of you? Drop me a line and give me an update. Don’t be shy.

I love this lady! (Author Marie-Elena John)

I’ve read her book, Unburnable, two times now. I’ll probably read it again soon. Ms. John is from the island of Dominica (not Dominican Republic…look at a map of the Caribbean you lazy people, lol) but lives in the D.C. area if I am not mistaken. Excellent read.

muslimahlocs, have you read it?

Wow, someone actually wrote a song about me!

I’m just gonna say it…

Today I received a comment from a blogger. She was admonishing the two Muslim sisters who were denied jobs at McDonald’s for applying there. The blogger was upset that these sisters would even want to work for a company like McDonald’s which she says supports Israel. (And I don’t want to argue about whether it does or not- that is not the point of this post). The blogger went on to suggest that Muslims in the United States should not pay taxes to the United States government who, in turn, uses the money to support Zionists. She said it was preferable for Muslims to go to jail than to have their money spent in that way. Right now I’m still shaking my head…WTH? I asked the blogger, what good would it do Palestinians if all the Muslims were in jail for tax evasion? I mean, seriously, how can anyone suggest something so ridiculous? But you know what, that is not what I’m “just gonna say.” I have another bone to pick with you…us…

Let me preface my statement by saying, I have full sympathy for the Palestinian people. I make du’a for them and I hope Allah will grant them ease. Ameen. I don’t wish their suffering on anyone. At the same time, I want to know why is that the Muslim community can raise tons of money, awareness, issue statements of condemnation, put together rallies, and do so much for this particular cause but as a community we have not make as much noise about the plight of Darfuris,  the human rights violations in several predominately Muslim countries, or for our brothers and sisters starving in Niger, Mali, and Chad. Why aren’t we outraged by the slaughter of the Congolese people, the countless women and children who suffer as a result of domestic violence (often called ‘honor killings’) in predominately Muslim countries, the unjust applications of Shariah in so-called “Islamic countries”, child brides etc? (I don’t think I’ve even seen as much outrage about the situation on Guantanamo Bay).

One person went as far as to tell me that I would be questioned by Allah on judgment day if I did not devote my full time and attention to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I guess nothing else should really matter right now… especially national and local issues. Not police brutality, disparities in health care, economics, home ownership or education, or unemployment, homelessness and starvation in the United States. No, my friend, these are not “Muslim issues.” Some of us won’t admit the truth to ourselves. We won’t dare utter the words. But let’s be real: images of injured or dead Arab Muslim men, women and children tug on our heart strings more than the images of dead, “kaafir”, Africans in the Congo. We deny the reality of those dark-skinned people in Darfur. We blame the media for exaggerating the situation…

Many people are calling for a boycott of various companies that support Israel. They say it is our duty as Muslims. It is the least we can do. I want to know where those same voices were (are?) when African-Americans, Latinos and other ethnic groups have spoken about Muslim immigrants (many of whom are Palestinians) selling haram, destructive products in poor, oppressed Black and Latino communities. As I recall there were several reactions: (1) the people who spoke out were accused of being racists (2) we were accused of trying to divide the ummah (3) our words were met with silence, denial or both (4) people made excuses for the perpetrators. Where were the calls for boycotts then? Oh, right, many of us live in comfortable suburbs, away from the plight of the poor and working poor. We don’t dare venture into areas with “those people” so we don’t see what damage some of our own Muslims brothers and sisters are doing in these communities. The sad part is, some of us KNOW these Muslim perpetrators. We see them in the masajid, we pray next to them, we know how they make their money, some masajid even accept their donations…but we want people to have sympathy for us?

I know what I’m saying may be painful. Some people might tell me now is not the time for this discussion. (Just as they did with a sister on one of my yahoo groups). But I want to know when will the time be right? Because it seems like there’s never a good time. Before anyone takes me the wrong way. Again, I am not saying I do not have full sympathy for the Palestinian people. I think Muslims should stand up for the rights of Palestinians. We should protest, we should speak out, we should help.  I just want everyone’s suffering to be acknowledged, to be given as much attention as the next one. Furthermore, I don’t want other people deciding what I need to focus my time and energy on. Especially when those very same people refuse to acknowledge the oppression that exists right here in the United States…or how they’re complicit in the oppression. I’m just sayin’…

So that’s how I can get free tickets to Jamaica?

Big up kritz4prez. Thanks for making me laugh!